Alaska Highway, Yukon
Alaska Highway, Yukon

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Agency contributes to online library

The United States Office of the Federal Coordinator has launched a digital library that compiles, organizes and preserves for the public many of the reports, maps, analyses and other work on proposed North Slope gas pipeline projects going back to the 1970s. The Northern Pipeline Agency contributed over 130 documents to the collection, which is intended to serve as a resource for the general public, historians, students, public officials, industry and other researchers. The web-accessible, searchable library, called The Pipe Files – Alaska Gas Line, is available at The Pipe Files.

Assistant Commissioner gives presentation in Alaska

In September 2012, the Assistant Commissioner of the Northern Pipeline Agency, Chrystia Chudczak, gave a presentation at the annual Oil and Gas Congress in Anchorage, Alaska. View the presentation.

Alaska Pipeline Project to study LNG export line

In May 2012, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. (TransCanada) wrote the Northern Pipeline Agency (Agency) indicating that they will not make regulatory filings in Canada in October 2012 for the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline (AHGP) project as originally planned. TransCanada and North Slope gas producers have agreed to study an all-Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) export option for commercializing Alaska’s North Slope gas reserves.

TransCanada has received permission from the State of Alaska, which has provided project development funding, to delay their U.S. regulatory application until October 2014. The letter from the Alaska Commissioners of Revenue and Natural Resources approving a project plan amendment and other information relating to the current status of the project in Alaska can be found at the Alaska Gas Pipeline Project Office.

TransCanada held a non-binding “Solicitation of Interest” from August 31 to September 14, 2012, to assess the potential for shipping commitments on either the AHGP or the LNG route and to identify parties interested in future commercial discussions.

TransCanada, with the support of Alaska gas producers, intends to maintain the AHGP option pending the outcome of their study of the LNG alternative. TransCanada has indicated to the Agency that work completed to date will be used to support any future activity relating to the AHGP.

The Agency has directly informed potentially affected Aboriginal groups in Canada of changes in the project timeline and Agency plans going forward.

Amendment to the Canada-Foothills Easement Agreement in Yukon

Since 1983, an easement agreement has been in place between the Government of Canada and Foothills for the Yukon portion of the AHGP. In 2010, TransCanada requested that the easement agreement be amended to allow a further 10 years, to September 20, 2022, for an industry decision on the construction of the northern section of the AHGP.

The Agency informed First Nations in Yukon and transboundary Aboriginal groups in Yukon/British Columbia (B.C.) of the proposal to amend the Canada-Foothills Easement Agreement in mid-2011 and requested their input. Over the ensuing months, the Agency and Aboriginal groups exchanged written correspondence and held a number of meetings to address questions and concerns about the proposed amendment. The results of consultations with all Yukon and Transboundary B.C. First Nations whose traditional territory is crossed by the easement were considered in making the final decision on the amendment request.

In July 2012, the Minister responsible for the Agency entered into an agreement with Foothills to amend the Canada-Foothills Easement Agreement to allow an additional ten years, until September 20, 2022, for Foothills to obtain consent to use the easement for construction of the AHGP. While the amendment extends the timeline for obtaining consent to use the easement for construction, it does not alter any of the other terms of the Easement Agreement.