Supplementary Table: Reporting on the User Fees Act

General and Financial Information by Fee

General Information

Fee name Fees for processing requests filed under the Access to Information Act
Fee type Other products and services
Fee-setting authority Access to Information Act
Year introduced 1988
Year last amended 1992
Performance standard A response is provided within 30 days following receipt of a request; the response time may be extended under section 9 of the Access to Information Act.
Performance results The Northern Pipeline Agency (NPA) responded within 30 days on one of the two (50 %) requests. The remaining request was completed within the 31 to 60 day period.
Other information

Under the Access to Information Act, fees under $25 may be waived when deemed to be in the public interest. No Fees were waived during 2015–16.

Access to information-related activities for the NPA, such as the processing of requests under the Access to Information Act, are handled by Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) ATIP Secretariat, as per the NRCan-NPA Service Partnership Agreement.


Financial Information, 2015–16 (dollars)

Forecast revenue Actual revenue Full cost
5 10 1,000


Financial Information, 2016–17, 2017–18 and 2018–19 (dollars)

Planning year Forecast revenue Estimated full cost
2016–17 10 1,000
2017–18 10 1,000
2018–19 10 1,000